Your  Important Wedding Day Agenda:
Approximately one week before your wedding day, We will provide you with a detailed wedding day agenda.

It will include  the details you will need to make your wedding day stress-free.  This itinerary will include arrival times, meeting points, local contact information, etc...

We will follow this itinerary, so we will not welcome any last minute surprises, such as additional guests, time changes, late arrivals to meeting points (for example, leaving your cruise ship late to meet with our local contacts).

"Your Bahamas Beach Wedding" Company:
Choosing the right Bahamas Beach Wedding Company for one of the most important days of your life, may seem like an impossible task, but with a few tips, we can make your decision much easier:

Carefully compare packages and pricing: 

**Will you receive all of your photos,  or will you have to purchase each photograph separately -- this can huge savings after the wedding!

**Are all packages, along with pricing, clearly shown on their website?

**CRUISE SHIP ARRIVALS:  We will assist you with all the information and help you need with your Bahamas marriage license, transportation, and full and complete itinerary of the ceremony.

**Your Bahamas Beach Wedding is a very unique company:  United States based, and partnered with a very experienced, professional wedding company in Nassau, Bahamas.

Your Bahamas Beach Wedding

Bahamas Beach Wedding Questions
Frequently Asked Questions regarding your Bahamas Beach Wedding:  (We strong recommend reading this information before reserving your date):
Remember, even though the Nassau, Bahamas, is very close to the United States, it is considered an international destination, and all laws, and requirements will be followed;

Do I need to obtain a marriage license in the Bahamas?  Yes, you need a marriage license from the Bahamas for a legal marriage ceremony. You have to be a resident of the Bahamas for 24 hours (cruise ship arrivals:  When you enter into Bahamian waters,this starts the 24 hour time period).  Additional information can be found on our Marriage License Information Page.

Can I have my own marriage officiant/minister?:  Yes, you can bring your own person to perform your vow renewal ceremony.   We will deduct $125.00 from the package price if you have your own officiant for your vow renewal ceremony.  For a legal wedding, our legal representative will still need to be present, so no deductions will be taken.

Can you assist us with other details of our wedding, such as a reception or small wedding cake, additional transportation, etc...?
 Once you have reserved your beach wedding package with us, we can provide you with the cost of adding a cake, champagne toast, chilled water on ice for your guests, additional flowers, transportation, etc... to your package cost.  We can offer recommendations for restaurants and possible reception sites (additional charges will be added for these package add-ons).
Can the beach wedding packages be changed?  In order to keep our prices affordable, the packages are sold as packages. Of course, additions can be made (transportation, flowers, cake, etc....)

Transportation Information:  We include transportation in all of our packages.  Our limousines can accommodate a maximum of eight people, no exceptions.  With larger groups, we can hire passenger vans and a "per person" charge will apply.  We will need to know your exact guest count 30 days before the ceremony date (including bride, groom, bridal party, family, friends, etc....) ALL OF YOUR GUESTS, PARTICIPANTS will need to be included in the additional transportation cost, no exceptions.  If there transportation hasn't been arranged with us, they will not be attending your wedding ceremony.

How does the ceremony photography work?  Our photographer will be at the ceremony site and start the one hour photo session (30 - 45 minutes for the "Just the Two of Us Package) at the beginning of the ceremony. After the ceremony, they will take some family photos (if applicable), bridal party, and then specialty poses of the bride and groom. During our after ceremony photography, our photographer will be the only one taking these photos. They are taking care to set-up the poses, and distractions and interruptions will keep them from getting the amazing photos you will be looking for. All photos will be available to you by free digital download (a link will be sent to your email, and you will be able to download all of your photos onto your own device) , so you can make as many prints as you want!  Additional photography time can be added at a specific rate per hour.  If you want to have your own ceremony photographer -- they will need to obtain a work visa from the ministry of tourism.

Deposit Information:  A deposit is required to reserve your Florida beach wedding date. Your deposit is non-refundable, NO EXCEPTIONS. Your deposit will be applied to the package price, so it will be deducted from the total price of the package. For every credit card transaction, please add the credit card transaction fee of 3% (for example, a deposit of $400.00 will be $412.00 when paying by credit card).

Payment Information:  All payments, guest counts, selections, and any additions will be due NO LATER THAN 30 days before your ceremony date.  

What happens if it rains? 
Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. We will make every effort to complete your Nassau beach wedding. If we can wait out a storm for a short period of time, we will. If it is a light shower, the ceremony can go on, but some, or all of our equipment and decorations may not be used.  Some parts, or all of our set-ups might not be able to be installed during inclement weather. If you are staying in Nassau for an extended amount of time, we may be able to reschedule for another day (based on availability).There are no credits or refunds issued due to weather-related issues.   The only exception:  If you are arriving by cruise ship, and for some reason, the cruise itinerary is changed, and your ship will not be arriving into the Nassau Port, 80% of your entire package price will be refunded (less any wire transfer fees, etc...).

The most important question: why choose us for Your Bahamas Beach Wedding Ceremony?
Your beach wedding in Nassau,Bahamas,  is as important to you, as it is to us. You have taken a lot of time and put a lot of thought into your Bahamas beach wedding, and you should choose a company that has taken a lot of time, and put a lot of thought into their Bahamas beach wedding packages.

Please contact us with any other questions, or concerns, you may have.